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Relation between the Baltic States, Finland and Wallonia

The successful collaboration between Wallonia and the Baltic States goes back to many years. In 2002 it started to intensify with the creation of the trade office of AWEX in Riga. Today, the two regions keep strengthening their economic relations in a coherent manner and they cooperate closely in various international organizations.

The Baltic States and Wallonia benefit from intense commercial exchanges, and their volumes grows continuously.  In 2013, the amount of commercial exchanges between Wallonia and the three Baltic States together reached 172 million Euros, a growth of 11.7 percent compared to the previous year. The Baltic States and Wallonia often sign agreements and collaborate in the sectors of innovations, energy, transport and logistics, culture, education and tourism.

The partnership between Belgium and The Baltic States within international organisations is also an important matter. They collaborate actively within the EU and NATO. Belgium supported the three countries accession to the Eurozone and supports the remaining accession of Lithuania and Latvia to OECD.